Contrasting Colors

Why our Hot Tub Covers are best

Our Process

No one thinks of their hot tub cover until it gets too heavy to lift


Every traditional hot tub cover will get heavy. But it happens slowly over time so we don't notice that it is becoming more of a struggle to get off and back on

Instead of just purchasing another one that will end up the same way maybe it's time for something remarkably different.

Wind Proof

Ever have your hot tub cover gone with the wind? Our design stays put during the strongest storms. more

Snow proof

Snow loads crush a lot of covers every winter. But our design can stand up to it  more

Hail Proof

Hail damage is a real threat to traditional hot tub covers but not ours.   more

Tired of Heavy Hot Tub Covers?

What's New?

Spa-Hottub Covers

The alternative to heavy spa covers

No more foam

Easy Maintenance

Sunbrella Fabric

  • We confirm everything before we begin

  • Each Cover is Custom Made

  • We make recommendations for your area

  • We use only the best materials

  • Shipped right to your door